Special Prosecutor Mueller Goes On a Witch Hunt

Rush calls it the biggest Opposition Research Operation in history, paid for by tax payers.

If it’s dirt digging without any facts showing probable cause to believe criminal activity may have occurred, then “witch hunt” are the only words to describe it. If it’s “oppo research” it’s partisan politics, not legitimate government action. If it’s an attempt not to find suspected criminal activity based on some credible evidence but rather a sleazy attempt to find questionable but not provable information with which to damage President Trump politically, and if it’s done under the auspices of the Justice Department and at the expense of taxpayers, then it’s the Special Prosecutor and his staff who are the real crooks here.

Mueller was originally appointed by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein  to investigate the possibility of Russian collusion with Trump in the 2016 election. That in itself is a witch hunt because in the 9 months since the first allegation was made neither the U.S. Congress or the Democrat establishment, nor the fake news media, have found a single factoid to support it.

So, finding nothing in all the usual places, Robert Mueller has decided he needs to expand his investigation into all of his Trump’s business dealings from his first lemonade stand in the second grade to the present. By god, somehow someway, he’s going to find something. If nothing else, at least some low level witness friendly to Trump will make some mistake of memory that Mueller can find an obscure fact to contradict, and he can gain at least one felony conviction for obstruction of justice.

The real obstructor of justice will not, of course, ever be required to stand up and face the  music.

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