Here is something to like about Donald Trump

He does not hold grudges, he does not nurse animosity toward those who don’t like him. He gives as good as he gets, that’s for sure, but when it’s over, it’s over. That’s a good quality.

Here is the latest example I’ve seen of this. Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah has campaigned for other candidates, and he has severely criticized Trump in the past. Lee endorsed Ted Cruz during the primaries. He still has not endorsed Trump.

Trump is going to release a second list of potential Supreme Court nominees sometime today. Guess who is on that list? Senator Mike Lee of Utah. I almost shed a tear of joy. Not just because Mike Lee would make an excellent replacement of Antonin Scalia. Lee clerked for Justice Samuel Alito, right now the one of the two best Justices on the Supreme Court, the other being Justice Clarence Thomas. I am also moved by the fact that Trump is showing that he considers the integrity of the Supreme Court to be essential and foremost, outweighing any personal conflict he may have with Senator Lee.

That is so refreshing, given the vengeful politics of the Left that has been forced upon the America people over the last 8 years.

Senator Lee’s brother, Thomas Lee, is a justice of the Utah Supreme Court.

Trump is also now working with Ted Cruz in an effort to get the Republican weak horses like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to stand up to Obama on his effort to transfer control of internet away from the United States, where it presently resides, to an international body. That transfer, if it happens, will make it easy for corrupt governments to censor the internet.

Trump’s willingness to work with Ted Cruz on keeping control of the internet in America and his willingness to consider Senator Mike Lee for the Supreme Court looks very “presidential” to me. I’m elated.

There’s also a highly qualified woman on Trumps’s second list, Margaret Ryan who was a law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas. A Trump victory on November 8th is critically important to maintaining a Supreme Court that will save and protect the Constitution of the United States.

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