Some headlines to remember about the Trump tax reform

Yahoo News: “Meet some victims of the Trump tax bill”

Washington Post: “10 reasons Democrats think the tax bill will be a political loser for Trump’s GOP”

New York Times: “In tax overhaul, Trump tries to defy economic odds”

Business Insider: “Americans have already made up their minds about the tax bill — and it looks brutal for the GOP”

These headlines represent a liberal media wishlist, not an actual and reasonable assessment of the tax bill. They know better. Their biggest fear is that the impact of the tax bill will be bigger paychecks and accelerated economic growth. If that happens, and I sincerely believe it will, not a single Democrats can claim credit for it because not a single Democrat voted for it. In fact, every single Democrat blasted it as a sop for the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor. If it turns out that the middle class and the poor see an enhancement to their personal prosperity, it is Democrats that will more likely take a brutal beating (politically speaking, of course).

The liberal media (is there any other kind) will twist itself in knots trying to save the Democrats from embarrassment, but we will all know it’s just their infamous crooked tongues spewing typically endless claptrap.

They don’t believe their own lies. If they did they would just sit back and say nothing, adhering to one of the best rules of political warfare: “When your enemy is destroying himself, say nothing. Get out of the way, sit back and enjoy the show.

We are already seeing some positive political fallout for Trump. The NeverTrump wall of hatred is starting to crumble under a wave of success. Trump gets the credit. Even Mitch McConnell seems to agree.

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