“Smartest woman in the world” fails important IQ test

I don’t know who, if anyone, coined the term “Smartest woman in the world” to describe Hillary Clinton. Maybe no one in particular gets credit for it. It might just be groupthink in the national media and the Democrat party. I know we’ve been told for years by Democrats and their sycophants in the national media that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world.

We are told this by people confident in their own opinion in spite of Hillary’s many debacles that indicate otherwise. From her place as the head of “bimbo eruptions” in Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, her very unsound advice to her husband to sic James Carville onto Paula Jones with such epithets as “Paula Jones is what you get when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park,” Hillary’s intelligence quotient and judgment are shown to be highly questionable. The attacks on Paula Jones ended up in a settlement to Jones of $850,000.

Add to these her blatant attempts to hide bribes and shady dealings in the cattle futures deal and the Whitewater scandal, respectively. Also throw in her poor handling of Congress when Bill put her in charge of getting national health care (“Hillarycare”) in 1994, her failures in the Benghazi mess, etc. etc. If those sort of fiascos are common for the smartest woman in the world, the test for that must be at a pretty low bar.

The latest is her private email scandal to cover up what she was doing as Secretary of State. Whatever it was it’s clear she didn’t want the public to ever be able to know about it. Now she has a possible Federal indictment hanging over her head, and  it looks like the whole mess may one day reveal exactly what she was trying to hide.

Her ability to earn $21 Million in two years for giving boring but mercifully short speeches to bankers and Wall Street Investment Houses might seem to have required smarts, but that is better explained as simple crooked corruption in selling futures contracts in her hopefull upcoming presidency.

She should have consulted Henry Kissinger on how to conceal her records from FOIA requests. Henry Kissinger is not a lawyer. But it appears he is much better at lawyering that is lawyer Hillary Clinton. See Glenn Reynolds’ USA Today column, Hillary’s problem is that she isn’t as smart as Henry Kissinger. 


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