Shocking New Evidence on Domestic Violence

This graph from a U.S. Department of Justice Study from November, 2012 sets forth some shocking new facts about “Intimate Partner” violence.

[Click to enlarge]domestic violence

The shocking conclusions from this graph, if it’s accurate and hey, it’s from the Government, is that the safest place for women is in marriage, and the most dangerous place for a woman is to be a single mother.

Once upon a time nearly all women, and all women with any sense, abhorred the thought of becoming a single mother. The reasons to avoid it were familiar and obvious even to the stupidest women. The government, when run by liberals, was hell bent on changing that and making life better for single motherhood. With a potpourri of welfare benefits they did make life a little less miserable for those who either chose to become single mothers or as a result of thoughtless behavior had it thrust upon them.

But these women’s lives were made only a little better than before. Single mothers remained poor [welfare does not get anyone out of poverty, it keeps them there] and lost many opportunities for a better life. Since it takes imagination to miss what you never had, many of them didn’t know what they were missing out on. They just knew they weren’t happy. For these women, the cruelest thing about welfare is that it did not remove the conditions that make single parenthood so destructive of human happiness and flourishing, it only made those conditions less predictable and obvious to a certain part of the female population.

Vulnerability to violence from men was always an aspect of single motherhood. This undesirable consequence was not softened in the least by generous welfare entitlements. It remains one of the most important reasons no woman should ever risk bearing the child of a man to whom she is not married. That’s just as true today as it was before welfare, birth control and abortion were all made easy.

Welfare, birth control and abortion may all be commendable in some sense and in some cases, but they also made it easier for some women to get themselves into a mess of a life.

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