Shifty Adam Schiff Attempts a Clever Trick in Democrat Rebuttal Memo

Shifty Schiff plants “methods and sources” in Democrat rebuttal memo to force Trump to redact them so he can accuse Trump of redacting large parts of the Democrat memo. He thinks he’s clever. He accused the GOP of revealing method and sources used by U.S. Intelligence in the Nunes Memo released Friday. If they had done that it could have of been damaging to National Security. But Democrats were lying. The Nunes Memo did no such thing. The Dem memo does, and Trump will have to redact those parts in order to protect National Security.

Shifty Schiff we be out there crying see! see! He’s redacting our memo to prevent people from seeing our rebuttal!

Weasel, creepy, Eddie Haskell, cheater, hoax, deceptive, dishonest, vile, wicked, & wretched are just a few adjectives that accurately describe Shifty Schiff.


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