Sheriff David Clarke Tells it Like It Is

Breitbart reports that Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke spoke on a panel at CPAC last Friday titled “Breaking Bad: What it Takes to Rise Above Circumstances.” He said:

“Mass incarcerations, especially of black males, is a myth. Look, the Democrats did this. They have screwed this country up. They screwed it up with failed, liberal urban polices. The Democrats did this because while the country is discussing ways to break the cycle of poverty, they call for “more programs, more government intervention, and more spending of your tax dollars.”

On what to do about crime and criminals and potential deranged mass killers, Clarke said:

“By the time these individuals get to us, there’s only one thing we can do: There’s one thing cops do and cops do it well. We lock people up. That’s what we are designed to do, to separate dangerous people from law-abiding society.”

The Broward County Solution prevented cops like David Clarke from separating Nikolas Cruz from law-abiding society. But of course, Broward County doesn’t have cops like David Clarke. Broward County has cops like Sheriff Scott Israel.

Leftist loonies hiding behind the term “progressive” hate Sheriff David Clarke because he refuses to embrace their screwball ideas and vacuous bromides. He believes they are responsible for 50 plus years of Leftist social engineering that has shredded the morality and fabric of our society.

Last year a 25-year old man named Dan Black went out of his way to insult Sheriff Clarke mid-flight in the cabin of a airplane Clarke was on. Clarke thought the man was suffficiently out of line and perhaps off his rocker that he had deputies temporarily detain him at the end of the flight and question him. After brief questioning they let him go.

Black then sued Sheriff Clarke for “intimidation” even though it was Black who hurled the first gratuitous insult. Black then attacked Clarke on his Facebook page, and Clarke replied on Facebook calling Black a “snowflake.”

Most of Black’s claims were dismissed by a Federal judge but the judge let a single first amendment claim for chilling Black’s speech go to Trial. The Trial was held before a different judge on January 22, 2018 who ruled for Sheriff Clarke, saying that Black’s claim was without merit.

While Black accused Clarke of chilling his speech, Black nonetheless appeared on television at least 3 times to disparage Clarke. Sheriff Clarke’s attorney relied heavily on this contradictory evidence.

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