Sheriff David Clarke on Second American Revolution

I do not believe that the American people will voluntarily hand over their firearms the way the Brits and the Aussies did. In fact, I believe there are a lot of rifles in closets throughout Australia, and I know that gun crime in Britain has increased exponentially since they banned ALL private firearm possession.

Americans will stand and fight before allowing a replay of the First Million Mom March that occurred at Mizocz Ghetto, Poland on October 14, 1942.

If this seems preposterous to you please consider the attacks on law-abiding gun owners currently underway. It’s coming from Obama and his Democrat toadies, and from Democrats in states like Colorado, and it is the most rabidly ferocious assault on gun owners that has ever occurred in the history of America. Why are they doing this? Because they hold a visceral hatred of gun owners who, as a group, are the most peaceful and law-abiding people in the country. Complete confiscation of all guns in private hands is their ultimate goal, and that will be attempted if they are not stopped. For now, gun owners believe they can be stopped by peaceful lobbying and reasoned argument, and in 2014, at the ballot box.

Reasoned argument, however, will not change the minds of the liberal Democrats leading this charge against gun owners. Reasoned argument will work only if it persuades enough sensible people that liberals begin to fear losing their power. Power is what this is all about, and power over other people is what drives Democrats these days. They hate gun owners because they know that it is harder to subjugate a well-armed society. It is most certainly not about stopping criminals or crazed killers because nothing they now propose would have stopped the killing sprees that have occurred, and will not stop them in the future.

The one thing that would stop mentally deranged murderers is to eliminate the gun-free zones in which the attacks occur so that the true first responders, i.e,, the intended victims, can possess the ability to defend their own lives and the lives of others.

Once upon a time gun rights was not such a party issue, but now it is. The current gun grabbing is almost exclusively an effort of liberal Democrats, with only a few RINOs from the other party joining in. There are still a few Democrats who support gun rights, but their numbers are dwindling and the power elite in the Democrat party are hard at work to purge them from the ranks.

Columbine survivor Evan Todd asks a pertinent question of the anti-gun liberals: “Why would you prefer criminals to have the ability to out-gun law-abiding citizens? Whose side are you on?”

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