She will vote for Trump if she has to, but she won’t like it

Nicole Russell at the Federalist:

This year’s presidential race could come down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both are despicable and horrifying choices to lead this country. To vote between them is to play the worst game of “eenie, meenie, minie, moe” imaginable.

It is to choose between the third or fifth circle in Dante’s inferno, between Applebee’s and Chili’s, between socialism and communism—choose your own painful analogy, but you get the point. You will pick the less painful of two poisons. But that might occur, and if you take your civic duty to vote seriously and believe it’s unethical not to vote, or eschew the idea of writing in a third-party candidate—which may constitute a vote for Clinton—you should choose Trump over Clinton. Here’s why.

Ms. Russell delineates all the reasons Hillary Clinton would be a disastrous president who would preside over the further decline of a once great nation. But, she says, The Trump effect could rebuild the GOP.

We could go one better than rebuilding the GOP. If we elected Ted Cruz we would not only rebuild the GOP, we’d get a restoration of the rule of law, a judiciary that actually tries cases and controversies instead of making social policy, a Justice Department that prosecutes criminals of all stripes and doesn’t allow those with a “D” after their name to flout the laws the rest of us must obey, and a government once again exercising its powers ands responsibilities under the principled guidance of the U.S. Constitution.

Icing on that cake would be a tax system that made sense and economic policies that would allow a growing economy to come back so that those who want a job could find a job. Add to that a health care system that worked for everyone and health insurance that people could afford.

If Trump were an honorable man he’d be telling us how he is going to do all those things instead of every word out of his mouth calling Ted Cruz a liar, a dirty tricks politician and a nasty guy. Cruz is none of those things but Trump doesn’t want to debate him on any issue of importance.

Surely we can follow the first black president with something better than the first overgrown spoiled brat president.

With Ted Cruz the country could return to prosperity and justice for all, and wouldn’t that be nice.

Please read what a grudging admirer of Ted Cruz says, by Robert Charles, former law clerk in the 9th Circuit, former trail lawyer and writer on constitutional law and national security.

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