Senator Dianne Feinstein says Trump can be a good president — gets booed

I’ve written here that wishing for bipartisanship in Washington DC or anywhere else for that matter is misguided for two reasons: Democrats don’t want true bipartisanship on anything but spending more money on social programs; and Democrats’ idea of bipartisanship is when Republicans give up and agree to everything Democrats want. That’s not bipartisanship but it’s as close to bipartisanship as you will ever get so long as Democrats remain united in their hatred of Republicans and conservatives. That hatred is firmly intrenched in their absolute belief that they alone care about what is best for the Untied States and that Republicans and conservatives are evil monsters who must be defeated, by any means necessary.

In the video below this is well demonstrated. Senator Dianne Feinstein hinted at just a little smidgen of bipartisanship and you’ll see what it got her. She said she doesn’t think Trump will be impeached, she thinks he might be able “to learn” and be a good president. For that she gets booed. She reaches for bipartisanship in a very small way, and she gets a sharp rebuke from her base.


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