See, I Told You So on Climate Change

When I first heard about global cooling, the notion that the earth is approaching another ice age, I accepted the basic premise.  What did I know? If people smarter than me said the earth is cooling and headed toward another ice age, I guessed that it to be so.

I’m not sure when it was first said that the change in earth’s climate was due to humans burning of fossil fuels, but I know that was the date I first suspected something about the theory was wrong. Humans causing the climate to change?

That sounded nuts to me and I began to pay more attention to what the proponents of the theory were saying. Pretty soon it was standard thinking that nearly every untoward incident in the climate or the weather was due to man-made global cooling, or later global warming and now just “climate change.”

Whatever it’s called, we made it happen. How awful!

I refuted what others were saying by reference to the last ice age. The true believers might simply recall that as little as 12,000 years ago a massive ice shield covered 90% of Canada, most of Northern Europe, and all of North America North of the Missouri and Ohio Rivers East of New York City. At the spot where the City of Chicago is now the ice was up to one mile thick.

A few thousand years later all that ice was gone. It melted. The earth’s average temperature warmed by about 11 degrees F. The ocean level came up about 410 feet from where it was during the ice age, which reached its glacial maximum about 20,000 years ago and then began to slowly melt away due to global warming.

You can’t blame humans for that unless you believe that a few Inuits with their campfires did it.

The ice age proves that the earth’s climate changes certainly but slowly. It does so without any help or hinderance from humans. To believe otherwise is silly.

Aha, now I am exonerated for my rebellious way of thinking:


“The gist of the experts’ opinions is that the earth was too lightly populated by humans to make humanity responsible for the Earth’s global warming that began 20,000 years ago.”

If humans then were not responsible for something so great as a massive ice sheet covering a large part of two continents, it cannot be lightly said they are to blame for what is happening today. Do we even know what is going on today in the climate? Can we really predict they future?

Compared to the senseless nattering of the climate-change-is-going-to-kill-us-all faction, simple reality is barking at them. They have appealed to un-analytical thinkers and made them believe the hoax by the shear complexity of their argument. But Occam’s Razor applies and it’s the simple explanation that triumphs over the convoluted one.

We only have one life to live so we ought to enjoy it and stop all the senseless worry about things we cannot control. Even if another ice age is on it’s way it will occur so gradually no one alive today will likely perceive it. Your current summer and winter wardrobes will probably suffice for the rest of your time on this earth.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can continue to spew claptrap and balderdash all she wants. It’s for naught.

UPDATE: One of the scientists on the panel, Twila Moon, agrees that humans did not cause the climate change that melted the ice from its glacial maximum 20,000 ago (how could they be?), but claims that the climate change over the last 100 years was certainly caused by humans. My question for her is, what about the medieval warm period, approximately 950 A.D to about 1250 A.D., or the little ice age which began around 1550 A.D. and ended around 1850. Were those two events caused by humans?

Those two variations were much greater than anything that has occurred in the last 100 years. The medieval warm period ended the Dark Ages and the Little Ice Age contributed to the French Revolution by causing low crop yields resulting in a skyrocketing price of bread. Being a French staple, many were spending a weeks’ wages for a loaf of bread.

These two climate changes clearly had large impacts, one good by ending the Dark Ages, the other troublesome to the economic conditions in France. I don’t believe human activity played any role in the Little Ice Age or the Medieval Warm Period. Mother nature is solely to blame. Humans had no say in the matter.

Twila Moon may be an accomplished scientist, but she has no way of knowing whether she is right or wrong about the last 100 years. The odds she is right are heavily against her.

Has the next ice age already begun? According to many scientists it certainly has. This is not a consensus of scientists! Science is never a consensus. It is always subject to debate and change.

Right now we are trying to understand what causes ice ages. One important factor is the amount of light Earth receives from the Sun. The amount of sunlight that reaches Earth can vary quite a lot, mainly due to three factors:

  • How much Earth is tilted relative to the sun.
  • Whether Earth wobbles a lot or a little as it spins on its axis (kind of like how a toy top can wobble a lot or a little as it spins)
  • The shape of Earth’s orbit as it goes around the Sun (whether it is shaped more like a circle or more like an ellipse or oval)

Any idiot can see that humans have no control over those circumstances. There are no doubt other factors as well. The Sun is a big dynamic ball of fire and things beyond our control are always happening on the sun. The earth’s climate can be affected by what takes place on the Sun. We humans, we tiny creatures of the universe, have no role to play in that.

Here’s a great book that has helped many people understand these mysteries:

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