Second Amendment victory in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Gun owners get some much needed good news today.  The 7th Circuit United States Court of Appeals in Chicago has denied a request from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for an en banc rehearing of the three-judge panel ruling in December giving the State of Illinois 180 days to adopt a concealed carry law in Illinois.  Today’r ruling is at Moore v. Madigan.  The original order from December is Moore v. Madigan, 702 F.3d 933, 935-38 (7th Cir. 2012).

Today rulings is a 5-4 decision.  The dissenters trot out the list of horribles that will happen if law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns in public, none of which have happened in over 100 years of citizens being able to obtain concealed carry permits in a majority of states, nor in the last 30 years since a majority of states have modernized their laws by adopting objective standards for the issuance of permits.  “Shall issue” laws have enabled huge numbers of people to get permits who couldn’t under previous “may issue” laws that tended to mean only law enforcement cronies and political insiders got permits.  Today, the number of permit holders in the United States has grown into the millions and 4 states allow concealed carry without a permit by persons not prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Despite the predictions of blood running in the gutters, it hasn’t happened anywhere.  Legal CCW holders have proven to be the most law-citizens in the entire country.

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