The search for the Great White Defendant goes on

Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, Jena Six,Trayvon Martin and now the Michael Brown crisis centered in Ferguson, Missouri and spreading across the country; the media’s search for the “Great White Defendant” goes on. In each one of these cases left-wing race hustlers from the Democrat party along with an ignorant and over zealous media stir up racial division and hysteria based on alleged “facts” that predictably turn out to be trumped up when the actual details of the case become known. Then the matter dies down with no one ever admitting that the whole thing was a farce.

Tom Wolfe wrote The Bonfire of the Vanities in 1987 about a liberal New York Prosecutor’s passionate yearning for a white defendant in a racially charged case. He found one when a stock broker ran down a black teenager in a case of tenuous self defense. The novel was no doubt inspired by the hoopla surrounding the Tawana Brawley hoax and Bernard Goetz self defense shooting of black teenagers in the New York subway.

Racial division in America needs to be repeatedly ginned up in America to enable Democrats to win elections. A few million white voters elected Barack Obama as the first black president in 2008 out of their fervent desire to show they are not racists, and in hopes of finally putting aside all the racial hatred fomented by Democrats for decades. Democrats cannot allow that to happen because if they ever fail to get over 90% of the black vote they could probably never win another election. The push for amnesty for illegals is meant to supplement that advantage by creating the same sort of lopsided Democrat support among hispanics.

Democrat leaders probably realize that placing sole reliance on the black vote is not a long-term strategy because too many black people may wise up to the game and come to realize that Democrat policies are not really good for the American black population. The Obama economics policies have benefited the richest people with the most investment assets and hurt the middle class terribly. Middle class wealth has declined by nearly 6% since 2009 and this has destroyed chances for many poor blacks to gain entry into the middle class. The expanded welfare benefits under Obama may make life a little better at the bottom while at the same time making it more difficult if not impossible for those people to ever move up and out of that status.

Therefore, Democrats more than ever need to keep black America stirred up with false reports of racism lest they come to realize how they are systematically being royally screwed. All this creates a great opportunity for Republicans to explain to black America that there is a better way. Out of laziness or stupidity or both the Republicans will miss the opportunity, as always. Right now Republicans are paralyzed by the false accusations of racism the Democrats will level against them if they dare to criticize Obama for his awful economic policies.

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