Scott Rasmussen on Obama’s options, Republicans’ strategy and the Washington beltway mentality

No good options for Obama:

Not long ago, the conventional wisdom in official Washington held that the so-called sequester spending cuts would be a disaster for the Republican Party. They were expected to rise up in vehement protest once the “cuts” went into effect.

Instead, nobody outside of Washington noticed.

Today, the conventional wisdom suggests that the so-called government shutdown is a big time loser for the GOP. But, once again, few Americans other than federal workers have really noticed any difference.

That’s a big problem for the president. Nothing can be more frightening to liberal politicians than proving how little impact many federal programs have on the day-to-day lives of individual Americans. If nobody notices when they’re missing, it’s hard to argue against trimming the size of government.

Most people would be surprised at how little they would miss about half of the Federal government if it suddenly disappeared.

The Republicans seem about ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and repeat a mistake they made in 1995.  See, Please Republicans, don’t make the same mistake again

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