Scott Adams — pundit of the year


Don Surber:

Donald Trump’s domination of the American political scene this year is that he has stumped every pundit in the land (save one).

But man, did they blow this one. The herd mentality in Washington has turned them into lemmings going off the cliff.

The only pundit of any renown to figure The Donald out was Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. Since August, he has blogged about how The Donald is winning and spinning heads on TV.

Well, I think Rush Limbaugh had the Trump phenomenon pretty well figured out from the gitgo. It’s actually pretty easy to understand if you understand the media and the GOP establishment and what they’re about and how they think. Oh, and it helps have a little understanding of the American people and how they’re fed up with political correctness. And with the GOP Establishment’s torpor and fecklessness.


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