Scientists telling us what we already know…

Fracking Is Safe

“Instead of fact-based and intelligent discussions, unfortunately those issues tend to get caught up in those no-fracking bumper stickers. It has become a cause celebre,” Zoback said as a slide of Yoko Ono flashed onto the screen.

“Sometimes it’s frustrating to hear hysterical people talk about issues that really don’t exist.”

Sure is. Instead of celebrating that we have an abundant supply of clean natural gas that will last hundreds of years into the future, all the green weenie crackpots are bummed out over it. Instead of celebrating all the progress that has been made in the last 40 years on air and water quality, they’re disappointed over that as well.

When a person goes all hang dog when they get the very thing they once said they desperately wanted a shrink would say they must be getting something out of that. Something weird, to be sure.

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