Say it ain’t so, Ted

Oh no, Ted Cruz has proposed a “Business Flat Tax” which is in reality a Value Added Tax (“VAT”) similar to what Europe and the U.K. have.  A VAT is a hidden tax that makes it possible for government to grow like kudzu in Alabama.

Cruz proposes cutting the income tax to a 10% flat tax and adding a VAT at 16% of value added at each stage of production. The VAT is a hidden tax making it a wet dream for big government bureaucrat’s and politician’s and every citizen’s nightmare.

Since it’s a secret tax it can be manipulated and increased almost without political scrutiny. Abandon all hope of ever controlling government spending and encroachment of government into every nook and cranny of every citizen’s life if America ever gets a VAT. Say hello to ever more rent-seeking crony capitalism and hidden burdens on economic prosperity. Look forward to gangster government on steroids.

Say it ain’t so, Ted!

I thought you were supposed to be smarter than this. You’re laying an egg here, it’s no wonder you haven’t been talking much about it.

According to legend, as Shoeless Joe Jackson left the courthouse where a grand jury was investigating the 1919 Black Sox Scandal, a heartbroken young boy went up to him and begged: “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”


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