Sarah Palin does politics with humor and Alinsky’s fifth rule

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 11.43.11 AM Sarah Palin is effective because she could not care less what liberals think of her and she is a master at using Alinsky’s rule No. 5. Here she is also making application of Alinsky’s rules 6 and 8. More Republicans should learn this.

They must use Alinsky’s rules because politics is conflict and in any conflict the aggressor makes the rules. Alinsky’s rules are the one Liberals use in every conflict, and they are the aggressors in every conflict between them and the rest of the world. Liberals against the natural world is a constant ongoing conflict.

Liberals hate Palin because they fear her. They fear her because she is effective.  Liberals always set out to destroy anyone they fear, anyone that might be effective at opposing them.  It’s a good strategy on their part because it works. It works because Republicans are so dumb and lazy and frightened of women they can’t manage to fight back.  Palin fights back, but she has to not only fight back against liberals but also against dumb Republicans.

In this simple statement Palin used humor and ridicule to make Obama look ridiculous, and she also struck out against the ridicule thrown at her for her previous comment about being able to see Russia from her house, which was meant as a hyperbolic rhetorical comment that dumb liberals took literally.  Palin is brilliant and talented [who else has used three of Alinksy’s Rules in one simple statement?] and the Republican party’s treatment of her shames them forever.

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