Sanctuaries for Criminals

On October 20,2016 illegal Mexican alien Ever Valles, 19, was arrested in Denver on charges of carrying an illegal weapon, car theft and felony eluding police. He was held in the Denver County Jail until December 20, 2016 when he was released after posting a $5,000 bail bond.

ICE had informed the Denver Sheriff’s office that Valles was a known criminal and a member of the extremely violent MS-13 gang, and that he had therefore been tagged by ICE to be deported back to Mexico. Valles should not have been released without prior notice to ICE, who would have met him at the Denver jail to take him into federal custody.

Denver is a “sanctuary city.” The Denver Sheriff’s Office did notify ICE, by fax sent 26 minutes before midnight on December 20th. ICE did not receive the fax until 12:37 A.M. on December 21st, 38 minutes afer Valles walked out of the Denver County Jail.

If Denver were not a sanctuary city Ever Valles would have been held until ICE got the information that he had posted bond and could have been at the jail to take him into custody. If ICE had received that notice in time to have intercepted Valles, 32-year old Tim Cruz would be alive today.

Instead Tim Cruz is dead because on February 8, 2017 at 4:33 A.M Mr. Cruz was at the RTD light rail station at 1100 Sheridan Blvd. when Ever Alles and Nathan Valdez showed up to commit a robbery. Valles and Valdez have been charged with shooting Tim Cruz who died at the scene.

The newly-elected Sheriff Paul Penzone of Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix and surrounds) who has replaced outgoing sheriff Joe Arpaio, is releasing 400 criminal illegal aliens every ten days, all without notice to ICE. Most if not all of those being released have been marked for deportation because they have criminal records. The new sheriff has made Maricopa county a sanctuary city er, county I guess.

Once clean, friendly and safe Phoenix long ago became a violent city due to an overwhelming influx of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America. Now, with the assistance of local law enforcement, it’s on its way to becoming the Chicago of the sun belt.

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