Samsung’s New Smartphone Offers Stiff Competition For iPhone — And iTunes

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 will offer stiff competition for Apple’s iPhone 5 when it is released.  The new S3 will succeed the S2 Android, the phone that made Samsung the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2011.  Some reviewers are saying the Galaxy S3 is light years ahead of iPhone 4S.  That’s a bit of hyperbole but this new phone from Samsung surely will give stiff competition to Apple when it releases its next version of iPhone.  That’s a good thing if you believe, and I hope you do, that competition is the  magic elixir that fuels a thriving economy, creates more jobs and more terrific things to own and enjoy.

Samsung will also enter the fray against iTunes with the new Galaxy S3 offering a music hub with 50GB of cloud storage.  It will allow file transfers through the cloud with an app called Dropbox, now widely used by attorneys to share documents using their iPads.

So when will you be able to get the new Samsung phone in the U.S?  Don’t know, it is already available in Dubai, will launch in Australia on Thursday, and in the UK shortly after that.  The U.S. gets it last.  Humpf.

The Galaxy S3 will come in two color options, white and “pebble” blue.  The blue one will be hard to get for a while due to a production glitch that had nearly all of the first run in white.  That’s going to be a problem, I think.  Who wants a white phone?

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