Sending Their Children To Private Schools Makes Rahm Emanuel a Hypocrite and Chris Christie A Champion

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel both got testy when questioned about their respective decisions to send their children to private schools. Emanuel is fair game for such criticism, but Governor Christie isn’t.

Christie is supportive of legislation that will make it possible for all children to receive a good education whether in public or private schools. Emanuel, on the other hand, is a lackey of the Teachers’ Union and opposes a voucher program that will permit poor children stuck in failing public schools to afford better schools so they can get the same education as his children get.

Christie wants everyone to have the chance his children have, while Emanuel is a typical special interest Democrat who couldn’t care less whether other people’s children get a good education. In fact, as a Democrat politician he would prefer they don’t get a good education, lest they grow up to question the wisdom of voting Democrat.

Democrat policies most hurt the very people they sanctimoniously claim to care about.

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