Sage Advice From Arthur C. Brooks

Arthur Brooks is the President of the American Enterprise Institute. He writes in the Wall Street Journal today:

Republicans are nervous…

But before they succumb to too much caution, budget reformers need to remember three things. First, this is not a political fight between Republicans and Democrats; it is a fight against 50-year trends toward statism. Second, it is a moral fight, not an economic one. Third, this is not a fight that anyone can win in the 15 months from now to the presidential election. It will take hard work for at least a decade.

Mr. Brooks notes that an argument based on economics is insufficient, people must understand that this is a moral struggle. Margaret Thatcher’s success in Britain was largely due to her ability to persuade the British people that running the government for the benefit of the Miner’s Union was not merely an economic problem for the country, it was immoral as well.

Mr. Brooks drives the moral point along…

History shows that big moral struggles can be won, but only when they are seen as decade-long fights and not just as a way to prevail in the next election.

No one deserves our political support today unless he or she is willing to work for as long as it takes to win the moral fight to steer our nation back toward enterprise and self-governance. This fight will not be easy or politically safe. But it will be a happy one: to share the values that make us proud to be Americans.

Read the whole thing: The Debt Ceiling and The Pursuit of Happiness

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