Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has message for Obama

This video was posted a few days before last night’s Constitution burning party in Obama’s White House. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones recorded this video message to Obama this past Monday asking for immediate immigration reform. He’s not asking for the sort of open-the-flood-gates reform Obama wants; Sheriff Jones wants the border to be closed to illegal immigration. He wants an end to undocumented immigration in favor of the documented kind that only allows in those who have been given a background check to see they are not criminals.  He wants illegal immigrant criminals found in this country to be deported. He wants adequate border control to prevent them from coming back.

The sheriff is speaking in the aftermath of the recent murders of his own Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff Detective Michael Davis Jr., by a suspect found to have been in the Country illegally. He had been removed four different times before. Each time he easily came back across the border and committed violent crime, this last time by murdering two law enforcement officers and shooting an innocent citizen in the face. See also my post from November 4th, The Coming Obama Crime Wave.

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