Rudy Giuliani sticks to his story on Face The Nation

I wish more Republicans had the guts to do what Giuliani does. He says what he thinks, and what he thinks is usually popular with ordinary people. That irks the media, and so they ask him if he wants to correct or retract his statement. This is what they regularly do with Republicans because most other Republicans start eating their words and making themselves look foolish. It’s such a reliable response most journalists in the media have come to rely on it a sure way to make Republicans look bad, which is what they always want to do. It works almost every time. But not with Rudy Giuliani. He effectively uses the opportunity to say again what he said before, and to further elaborate on it.

Here’s Major Garrett on Face the Nation yesterday not getting what he wanted from Giuliani. [But on the other hand, Major Garrett is a lot smarter than the average journalist and perhaps he was intending to give Giuliani this opportunity]

The reason trial lawyers usually don’t ask a witness on cross examination if they want to retract a statement, even when there is clear evidence that contradicts what the witness said, is because they don’t want to give the witness a chance to repeat it again for the jury. The jury is more likely to remember what the witness said if they hear it twice. But if witnesses were like most Republicans who get all mealy-mouthed when ask to retract something they’ve said, then it would become the universal practice of trial lawyers.

Here is another journalist, CNN’s Erin Burnett, trying to use a phony statistic that proves nothing to attack Giuliani, but he’s having none of it.

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