Roger Kimball Nails Mitt Romney

This is one of those “I wish I’d said that,” quotes:

Now let me acknowledge, what I’ve said before in this space, that if it came down to it, I’d vote for Mitt Romney. Indeed, if it came down to it, I’d campaign vigorously for him (at least, I’d be vigorous against his opponent). But, my, what a page out of politics-as-stasis. As I’ve said in this space before, Mitt Romney is our Bob Dole, a company man at a moment when the problem is the company. We are living through a serious crisis–really, multiple crises — and many people look at old Mr. Business-as-usual, “is-it-my-turn yet?” Romney and wonder whether he is really up to the job. He deploys a sly, knowing smile when Rick Perry forgets how to count from 1 to 3. He certainly has competent hair — the most competent, I think, of the entire campaign. But what, besides competent hair, can be said for him? That he’s not Obama — true enough, and that fact should not be minimized. BUt think of the relatively small proportion of people who are Obama. That cannot be the distinguishing feature of the successful Republican candidate. What we need is vigor, leadership, and wisdom, not the path of least resistance dolled up with an attractive herbaceous border.

— From Roger’s Rules, 11-12-2011

This line from the above, “Mitt Romney is our Bob Dole, a company man at a moment when the problem is the company,” how brilliant is that?   As brilliant as it ever gets, I’d say.  Read it again and let it sink in and you’ll agree.  “A company man when the problem is the company.”  That, exactly and precisely, is Mitt Romney.  That is the Mitt Romney problem.

Roger Kimball wrote The Long March; How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s Changed America, a must-read book for anyone with a desire to understand the political world we live in.  It’s the best primer to contemporary American politics you’ll find and deserves to rest on your bookshelf next to Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind.

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