Rick Santorum’s Appearance on Hannity Monday 2/20/12

Sean Hannity talked to Rick Santorum about the Media and Robert Gibbs accusing him of questioning Obama’s faith by referring to Obama’s radical environmentalism as a kind of theology. Below is a partial transcript I found at Newsbusters:

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: It is interesting because the President himself, you know, he used a quote at that prayer breakfast you just referenced here, “For unto whom much is given, much shall be required.” Wasn’t he using that to justify in that particular case him quote “raising taxes on the rich” so he can redistribute wealth? I mean, was he questioning the Christian faith of those that think we’re overtaxed? Can we interpret it that way?

As I watched you on Face the Nation this weekend I was thinking, you know, why does the media have this double standard when it comes to President Obama?

RICK SANTORUM: Well, it’s perfectly clear. I mean, this is standard, I’ll be honest this is standard fare. I mean I’m not saying anything particularly new here. I mean, what we’ve been talking about, the radical environmental agenda that puts the earth over the needs of man, that doesn’t understand that the best way to create a sound environment is for people to be doing well and to have prosperity. You go to countries where in fact mankind is not doing well, let me assure you, the last thing they worry about is the environment. It depends on America’s growth and prosperity so we can in fact be good, you know, husband the environment as the way we should. And that’s all I was talking about.

And for them to continually distort, this is the kind of stuff that I think is, is actually I think one of the reasons we’re doing well in the polls, because people see it for what it is. They see the national media trying to destroy conservatives.

Catch all the rest of Hannity interview of Rick Santorum on Monday, 2/20/12 in the two videos below, each preceded by a 30-second commercial.

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