Rich GOP donors gearing up for 2016

Rich GOP donors hopeful for 2016

A trio of Republican financiers—including Paul Singer and Ken Griffin, two of the most prominent GOP donors in the country—has formed a new federal committee focused on the 2016 presidential race and seeded it with $600,000, according to interviews and federal filings.

Veteran GOP operative Brian Walsh, who headed a big-money super PAC and nonprofit that helped House Republicans the last two election cycles, will serve as board chairman. The new group is called Future45, a play on the fact that President Obama is the 44th president and that his successor will be the 45th.

Walsh would reveal little of the group’s plans other than the fact that it is presidentially focused but not planning to intervene in the Republican nominating process.

Most of these same donors spent a lot in 2012 to support Romney but he still lost. Maybe they should revaluate how they invest their dough to advance the GOP.  Instead of spending millions on newspaper and TV ads, not to mention the gargantuan amounts paid to GOP political consultants (most of whom are incompetent), maybe they should take a bit of advice from a New York Post Column by Glenn Reynolds that appeared about a month after the Romney defeat in 2012. They might get a bigger bang for their bucks, and find a way to win over more of the most stubborn Democrat voters, i.e., low-information unmarried women.

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