Reuters shamelessly lying for Obama

This Reuters news story on the District of Columbia U.S. Court of Appeals unanimously overturning Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board shows how the media either blatantly lies for Obama or, the only alternative, the media is woefully ignorant of American history and government, or perhaps it’s both.  Here is what they said about the D.C. Circuit three-judge panel that overturned Obama’s appointments:

Although the three-judge ruling on Friday upturned 190 years of understanding about how a president may fill vacant jobs, it will not take effect immediately.

Huh?  190 years of “understanding” on recess appointments?  No, it was Obama’s actions that threatened to upturn 190 years of “understanding” of how recess appointments are made under the United States Constitution.  I’ll tell you this, the judges on the D.C. Circuit court are not going to be pleased with that sort of talk because they did no such thing as “upturn 190 years of understanding” of anything.  They paid their due respect to that understanding.

What the judges said is that the Congress was NOT IN RECESS when King Obama purported to make these appointments.  You see, it is the Congress that gets to determine when it is in recess, not Obama.  The president cannot decide for himself when the Congress is in recess.  There is a formal procedure for Congress to go into recess.  It is a process that the Congress engages in and performs all by itself.

This is called “checks and balances” and it is something that has been ingrained in the Constitution since it was ratified in 1789 and enjoys even more than 190 years of “understanding.”  The Constitution provides the President cannot appoint important government officials by himself.  He can propose and nominate persons for important posts in the government, but they only become appointed to those positions “upon the advice and consent of the Senate.”  When the Senate is actually in recess, meaning the Senate has declared itself to be in recess and the House of Representatives has agreed, the President can make temporary “recess appointments.” It is exclusively the province of the Senate and the House of Representative, by a formal procedure, to decide when the Congress is in recess.  Under the Constitution, the president has nothing to do with it.

A recess appointment is done without the advice and consent of the Senate but only when the Senate is in recess and the appointment lasts only until the end of the next session of Congress.  Otherwise, the whole concept of checks and balances would be nullified.  Obama seems to think that every time Senators adjourn for lunch he can quickly round up a few of his cronies and appoint them to some important government post without the advice and consent of the Senate.  NO HE CAN’T.  That is what the judges said.  Their ruling did not upset 190 years of understanding, their ruling UPHELD 190 years of understanding.

These Obama sycophants are evil. And stupid.  They can’t fathom any Federal Court not sucking up to Obama the way they do.  In a future post I’m going to say what I really think of them.

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