Resolved: Obamacare will reduce access to health care

The short proof of this statement is that Obamacare, just as medicare, medicaid, and all other forms of government regulated health care on planet earth, will force price controls on health care providers and demand controls on patients. The inevitable price controls under Obamacare will shift the supply curve to the left leading to huge doctor shortages, queues, waiting lists, etc., while government subsidies to pay for insurance and other subsidized medical care will shift the demand curve to the right, as well as make the demand curve more vertical as people become less price conscious because a third party is paying.

For a more detailed analysis see Why we are seeing long waits and shortages of doctors and basic medicines in health care

OK, so much for the econometrics. This is the basic example provided by the current VA scandal.  Once a vet got to see a doctor the care was probably good. It’s just that they were dying while waiting to see the doctor. Judge Jeanine explains:

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