Republicans and the Hispanic vote

In answer to the question, “Do Republicans need to court Hispanics or is this yet another liberal setup?”, The Gormogons respond this way:

Indeed, more evidence exists that Hispanic voters tend to vote Democrat if they make less income, and tend to vote Republican if they have more skin in the game. Not surprisingly, the same is true for Catholics, women, Asians, and blacks. Indeed, only Jewish voters and young voters tend to vote for Democrats regardless of income level. This, by the way, is historically true for Italian, Irish, Polish, and other European immigrants: new arrivals go for the Democrats due to the perceived social benefits. The second generation tends to split, and the third and subsequent generations tends to vote Republican.

OK, I see what Democrats and Republicans both need to do here.  Democrats need to keep Hispanics uneducated and poor to insure they will vote Democrat.  Republicans need to pursue economic policies that will help Hispanics (and everyone else) move up the socio-economic ladder into the upper middle class so they will vote Republican.

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