Republican Greg Gianforte Wins Montana Special Election 51-43

You probably already know about Gianforte’s win, and that the sheriff has charged him with misdemeanor assaut for throwing an aggressive “reporter” to the ground. Gianforte has apologized. The media hates all Republicans and seeks to bring them down by any means necessary. That being so there is legitimarte speculation that Gianforte was set up by the media and their Democrat buddies.

They knew their in-your-face style of what can only be called harrassment of Gianforte over the last several weeks was starting to get to him. They probably figured it would be easy to goad him into striking out if they just pushed him a little more. Then they would loudly call foul in hopes of tipping the election to the Democrat.

This is speculation at this point, nobody has offered any proof that I’m aware of. But given what we know about reporters and Democrats, would anyone be surprised if it’s true?

If there is actual evidence to substantiate this claim, the question is can gianforte use it to defend against his misdemeanor assault charge? To deliberately provoke someone to assault you in hopes you will be charged criminally is bad enough, but to do it for poltical gain would seem to compound the wrong. In my view, the alleged victim’s unclean hands should count for something. The case should be dismissed, given the probable motive of the “victim” and that he has no injuries to speak of.  He claimed his glasses were broken and Gianforte is probably willing to pay the damages for that.

Actually, the whole thing may have backfired for the reporter and his Democrat pals. At least some voters where happy to see a Republican actually stand up to the disgusting treatment he was getting.


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