Remembrance of things past; Remembering it can happen again

These words from J.J. Sefton say it all:

Today, Tuesday, September 11th marks the 17th anniversary of the attacks on our soil that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people in the name of a totalitarian ideology that for over 1,600 years has sought the subjugation of humanity or its destruction in pursuit of same. Sadly it shares common cause with the our other mortal enemy, Leftist Totalitarianism. The rhetoric and the raw hatred is the same; only the iconography and some of the outward trappings vary here and there. But in the end, they want us dead and will stop at nothing to achieve it. If they can’t cut our heads off with a rusty hacksaw, they’ll rot the brains of our children from within with the words of Marx, Alinsky, Zinn and others. As we remember the horror of that day, as well as the sacrifice (the real sacrifice and not the phony bilge spewed by Nike over the face of Colonic Kaopectate) and incredible spirit that brought us together (the frauds on the Left in Congress notwithstanding), let us take a moment to reflect, remember, pray for those who gave their lives just for living their lives and pursuing their dreams in this truly blessed land. Despite its flaws, and despite the desire of those who seek to portray this nation as flawed and evil in its founding, it was, is and always will be the last best hope for humanity. God Bless America and Remember 9/11.

200 people jumped from the Twin Towers on 9/11. This is what it felt like to watch from the street below

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