The reason liberalism is so common is it allows people to form strong opinions without mental effort

The flapdoodle nonsense earnestly spoken in the interviews in the video below about the NRA and guns remains astonishing no matter how familiar it is. These people truly believe it is immoral to use a weapon to defend oneself against a deadly threat from a criminal attack. Only the police should have guns, period. They don’t believe there is any more to say or think on the subject. They don’t know and they don’t want to know that perhaps only in North Korea are the police are only ones who have guns. In many places good citizens do not have guns, but almost everywhere else on this earth criminals, terrorists, and all around bad guys are well armed. I don’t think these nimrods even care about that. It’s only good people having guns that bothers them. Gun violence is the fault of good people having guns, period. Don’t bother me with logic, facts, or simple common sense. Whew, what a way to live.

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