The real reason Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix

Five days before FBI director James Comey made his announcement that will live in infamy, that the FBI is recommending no prosecution of Hillary Clinton (at the same time recounting the evidence that makes her obviously guilty) I said this: “There is not going to be an indictment and we are never going to hear any more about this secret meeting from the Washington media. The Clinton Machine is awesome, it always wins.” That was in a post where I suggested that the secret meeting between Lynch and Clinton might have been Kabuki Theater at the Justice Department.

There is new theory on what the real reason for the secret meeting might have been, and was it really meant to be secret? Perhaps the whole thing actually was Kabuki theater, and on a grand scale. Anyway, the theory goes something like this: Lorreta Lynch was never going to refer Hillary Clinton to a grand jury for indictment. It wasn’t going to happen. I think we can accept that as an established fact. But Lorreta Lynch didn’t want to be the one to make that decision. She cares about her future job prospects when her Democrat partners in crime may not be around to protect her, or may not want to protect her. Partners in crime are after all, criminals who cannot be trusted to remain true partners.

The not-so-secret secret meeting gave her an out that was favoraby and dutifully reported by her buddies at the New York Times 5 days before Comey’s announcement.

According to Fox News:

Under bipartisan fire following a private meeting with former President Clinton even as her Justice Department investigates Hillary Clinton over her secret email server, Attorney General Loretta Lynch will announce on Friday that she will defer to non-political subordinates on whether to bring charges against the likely Democratic presidential nominee.

The Justice Department had been planning on such a course for months, The New York Times reported, but reports that Lynch met with the former president on her government plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport have sealed the decision.

Thus, Lynch and the Clinton machine used this bit of Kabuki theater to set up James Comey to be the guy to give Hillary her get-out-jail-free card.

Because of this “chance meeting,” spun as a boneheaded move but not a sinister one, Lynch gained a reason to recuse herself from the case and announce that she would leave it up to the FBI and would accept their recommendation.  So much for the “secret” meeting. It was never meant to be secret. It was Kabuki theater all the way.

The Clinton machine as well as Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media can be said to be “Machiavellian,” except that is an insult to Machiavelli. After all, Machiavelli might have been a pragmatic political strategist but he also had integrity.

This leaves open the question of why did James Comey fall into line and willingly let Lynch and the Justice Department off the hook? Why did Comey agree to become the bad guy. Red State puts it this way:

James Comey was facing a revolt among his professional staff. If the case were sent to Lynch for adjudication, which is the usual process, the story would be that the FBI had “cleared” Clinton and therefore Justice was closing the case.

In other words, Comey knew intuitively that the Lynch Justice Department was never going to prosecute Hillary no matter the evidence. He apparently also sensed that when the Democrats successfully spun the story that the FBI had cleared Hillary, he would be facing a revolt within his own FBI. Thus, he went for the next best worst outcome of making an announcement that the FBI was not recommending prosecution but at the same time revealing all the damning evidence.

Once again Republicans and conservatives are presented with the awesome Clinton machine that always finds a way to slither out from under any pile of garbage they create.  Each new scandal gives hope that maybe this time it won’t work. Maybe this time they will outsmart themselves. It never happens. It’s not because they are really that clever. None of this could happen without a sycophantic national media made up of toadies willing to act more like stenographers than journalists, and a voter base that does not care how crooked and vile the Clintons are so long as their machinations continue to defeat conservatives and Republicans.

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