The Real Fearless Woman

The featured image for this post is the statue “Fearless Girl” which was installed within sight of “Charging Bull” to bring attention to International Women’s Day. Having served its purpose—whatever that was—it is now time for its scheduled removal. After the images of the statue went viral, the sculptor and others want the statue to stay as a commemoration of the fearlessness of women.

I’d call it “defiant girl” but defiance against a more powerful force is not the same as being without fear. To be truly fearless one must have the means to protect oneself from attack by a “raging bull” which is likely to be a bad guy breaking into your home or accosting you on the street. Bad guys look for weak victims they can easily overpower. That’s one reason women are so often their target. The other reason is obvious.

A truly fearless woman will necessarily have the ability to defend herself against a bigger and stronger attacker. This is the real fearless woman:

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