Who are the real beneficiaries of the sexual revolution and legal abortion?

The gallery broke into thunderous applause when the New York State Senate passed a new abortion law the other day. Let’s consider just what it is they so enthusiastically applauded.

The conventional zeitgeist is that women were empowered by the sexual revolution and legal abortion. If that’s true the women of New York State will be the most empowered. They can legally abort their baby on the same day they are to deliver. Since they don’t want the child to be born they will refer to it not as a baby, but by the insensate term — fetus.

I don’t know how many will do that but given all the hooting and shouting of approval for the law permitting such late term abortions you’d think there might be a stampede to the nearest Planned Parenthood office. Or maybe to one of new abortion mills that are soon to be opened because New York’s new law also provides that one need not be a physician to perform abortions. This will open up new macabre opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Stella Morabito of The Federalist says there’s a problem here. Abortion doesn’t just kill the baby, she says, it also psychologically kills the mother.

     No amount of denial from pro-choicers [I’d call them pro-abortioners] can change the fact that many post-abortive mothers carry the grief of a severed parent-child bond with them.

I think she’s right. I think so because of a thing called human nature.  Carrying a baby for months is known to establish a strong maternal bond in most, nay nearly all, women. Any living thing we care for we will love. We love our pets because we protect them and care for them. The more we take steps to meet their care the more we love them.

I’m not comparing dogs and cats to a baby. It’s just an example of human nature and it’s bound to be even stronger when it’s a baby that carries your genes, your DNA, and you’ve had it in your abdomen for several months.  Your whole body has become devoted to its care and protection. The act of aborting is bound to have negative psychological consequences. This is human nature. As it’s been often said, you can push human nature out the front door and it will come right back through a window.

Late term abortions, make that very late — even at the point when the baby begins to be born — was not the only provision in the law the gallery audience so intensely applauding. The new law also ends protection for babies that somehow survive an attempted abortion. Under the new law these babies fetuses may be killed even though they are alive outside their mother’s body and very well might survive if allowed.

I can’t imagine the sort of callousness for human life must be held by New Yorkers who see this as the dawning of a wonderful new age.

Well, I got a little off track. I started with a question I have not yet answered. Clearly, it was not women who benefitted the most from the sexual revolution and legalized abortion. It was men.


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