Rampant stupidity to give Covid vaccine to young children

Colorado plans to test a massive Covid vaccine effort in Colorado schools. The purpose is to see that all kids get vaccinated.

This is dumb. Really dumb. Children, especially children under 12, already have immunity to Covid and another viruses. Children are not likely to get Covid but even if they do get it they will either have no symptoms of only very light symptoms. Children are not spreaders of Covid. All the teachers have already been vaccinated.

The vaccine can be a worse problem for children than Covid. Children can get Myocarditiis from the vaccine. Some have died from it. Some even older than 12, some 18 or older have got Myocarditis from the Covid vaccine. Myocarditis is much more dangerous to young people than Covid. Older people, over 50, seem to be immune to the side effects of the vaccine.

This makes you wonder what in the hell is wrong with Colorado politicians? Don’t they know young children should not be vaccinated with the Covid vaccine? They should consult an epidemiologist before proceeding. I recommend Jay Bhattacharya at Stanford, or Harvey Risch at Yale. Or both, actually.

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