Race Relations in America Have Improved Under Trump

When Barack Obama won the 2008 election it was due to a whole lot of white people believing that if America elected a Black president nobody could call them racist anymore. So a whole lot of white people voted for Trump in 2008 thinking we’d finally be done with all the screeching about racism.

A lot of other people, a much smaller group, knew that was not going to happen. I was one of them. They and I knew that the race card had become so effective the race hustlers were not going to give it up. In fact, an Obama presidency, instead of eliminating calls of racism, was going to intensify racial slurs against white people. Why would that be? It was to be because having a black president was going to open up new avenues for labeling white people racist.

Just how? This is how. Every disagreement with any Obama policy could now be fought off with a simple charge of racism. No one could criticize Obama without being labeled a racist. You weren’t going to be given a hearing on your objection to any Obama policy with being called a racist. You knew that, or learned quickly, so you just shut up. With so many new ways to characterize your every utterance as racism, you had to either keep still or suffer the cat calls of racism.

Of course, that fact should prove that America is not racist at all. If people are willing to stifle their policy opinions to avoid being called racist, that would seem to indicate that a charge of racism holds massive power. All will seek to avoid it. Only in a country where to be thought racist will banish one from polite company will everyone desperately try to avoid it.  In a racist country it is no sin to be labeled a racist. No social spurning will result to anyone thought to be racist if everyone else is racist. But when everyone believes everyone else condemns racism, everyone will desperately try to show they are not racist. In America that is the case. A charge of racism has the power to ruin a person.

A lack of actual racism doesn’t stop the caterwauling about racism. Does anyone think the Southern Poverty Law Center will ever give up on labeling just about everyone and everything as racist? Where would they be without classifying lots of people and entities as racist. I know there are some real racists still left. I won’t say they are in our midst because they are so few and so powerless we hardly know they are there. They’re silly and sick lost souls and we do best to ignore them.

The power of the race card enabled Obama to conduct his presidency with little constraint or oversight from Congress. They didn’t want to be called racist. So they left Obama alone, to do pretty much as he pleased.

Compare that to President Trump. A Republican Congress blocked nearly all of Trump’s agenda for the first two years of his presidency. Senators and House Members pulled no punches. They mostly refused to act on most of Trump’s proposals. It was safe for them to screw Trump in ways they never have even contemplated against Obama.  Trump has no race card to play.

Would it be ironic then, to expect racial tensions to lessen under a President such as Trump? Not to me. The cat calls of racism haven’t stopped, that’s for sure. But they have less power now. Not withstanding the goons who use every pejorative word they can think of to bash Trump, including racism, most white people don’t believe Trump is racist and neither do a lot of black people. Trump knows he’s not a racist, and unlike linguine-spinned Republicans, he’s not afraid of those who try to convince others that he is a racist. They have no basis for the allegation, and any intelligent person knows that.

A new study claims Trump has lowered racial tensions in America. It’s under the title, “Trump has made America less racist.”

I prefer to say he has, by his presence, calmed racial tensions. This is because I don’t think racism itself has existed in America since about 1965.  Don’t take my word for it. Just try to think of how many racists you’ve encountered in the last 40 odd years. I bet you can’t think of any. Those who needed it had their racism shamed out of them long ago. It’s the 8th wonder of the world because few other human populations on this earth have undergone such a quick conversion from their prejudices.

Here is what the new research has found: Well, maybe you should just go and read it for yourself. No snippet will suffice because the piece is a mixture of pure bull shit, a bits of sound and unsound reasoning, but with credible conclusions. The authors admit they found the opposite of what they expected to find. A short clip won’t separate the wheat from the chaff. You need to read the whole thing.


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