A quote for our time, on academic admissions in the U.S.

Asians must score 140 points higher on the SAT than their white peers to gain admission to the top universities. This is because Blacks are given a bonus of 230 points, Hispanics 185 points, and Asians are penalized 50 points.

A Chinese mother asked, “How can this be possible?”  Steven Hayward has this answer:

It’s possible because today’s racial liberalism isn’t about equality, merit, and “diversity” at all, but has become a straight out racial spoils system. When more Asians start to figure this out, I suspect they’ll change their voting habits.

You’d think so.  Habits die hard, though.  None more than voting habits.   A majority of Jews keep voting Democrat even though anti-Semitism is almost a party platform.  Over 90% of Blacks vote Democrat while Democrat policies have done more to destroy Black America than any grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan could’ve ever dreamed of doing.

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