Quote of the Day — Unexpectedly!

Michael Barone says:

“I’m confident that any comparison of economic coverage in the Bush years and the coverage now would show far fewer variants of the word “unexpectedly” in stories suggesting economic doldrums.

“It’s obviously going to be hard to achieve the unacknowledged goal of many mainstream journalists — the president’s re-election — if the economic slump continues. So they characterize economic setbacks as unexpected, with the implication that there’s still every reason to believe that, in Herbert Hoover’s phrase, prosperity is just around the corner.”

Note on the link above: This link takes you to Michael Barone’s column at the Washington Examiner. This website contains obnoxious video ads that autoplay (with audio) when you go to the site. I’ve tried to provide a link that avoids this, but if it doesn’t work just hit the mute button on your computer to get rid of the dreadful audio so you can read the column in peaceful quiet.  Barone’s column is worth reading in its entirety, but you have to outsmart the webmaster at the Washington Examiner site trying to spoil it for you.

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