Quote of the Day — Marco Rubio’s Folly

National Review Online, on why Marco Rubio should come to his senses and vote against the Amnesty Bill:

It is an amnesty-first, enforcement-maybe program drawn up mainly to reflect the priorities of 11 million citizens of other countries rather than the concerns of more than 300 million citizens of the United States.

Here’a another reason Rubio, and all Republicans, should vote against it: It will spell the death of the Republican party, or at least a permanent minority status.

My bold prediction: If amnesty passes the Republican party will get a lower percentage of Hispanic votes in 2016 than it got in 2012. And the total of Hispanic votes cast in the election will be higher, with the lion’s share of the increase going to Democrats.

Here’s another priceless quote from National Review Online:

The Gang of Eight bill does not serve the economic interests of the United States. The fact is that our public schools do an excellent job of producing an abundant supply of unskilled workers with little or no proficiency in English, and the national labor force is not achingly in need of a few million more.

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