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Regarding the murderous rampage of James Holmes in the Century 21 Theater in Aurora, Colorado on July 19, 2012:
It appears that the entity that owns the Cinemark Theater where these murders took place, Cinemark Holding, Inc., exercises its rights as an owner of private property in Colorado to bar those who hold concealed carry permits from exercising their rights in its theaters.  As a result, law-abiding citizens, including owners of concealed carry permits, who were in the theater that dreadful night were unarmed and thus unable to defend themselves and their fellow movie-goers from the murderous attack visited upon them.  Opponents of the Second Amendment and concealed carry laws call the areas created by Cinemark’s decision “gun-free zones,” but, as we discovered to our great horror in the early morning hours of July 20 and as we have discovered in the past, they are free only of the guns owned by law-abiding citizens.  As one grandmother commented to me on my flight, “Killers like this may be crazy, but they aren’t stupid.  They will go where people will not shoot back.”

— William Perry Pendley, President, Mountain States Legal Foundation, July 20, 2012

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