Quote of the Day

“Yes, sir, I can. Because why did we do– why do we want a public option? We want a public option to do basically three ten– things: create more choice for insurers, create more competition for insurance companies, and to contain costs.”

–House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) when asked on CBS’ Face the Nation if he could back a healthcare bill that did not have a public option.

All the Democrats and Obama are saying the same thing, they want a healthcare plan that creates more choice and competition in insurance and reduces the cost of healthcare. They have to believe that the American people are very stupid to keep repeating this bilge. Any fool can see and knows that whatever hideous mutation of a healthcare bill finally emerges from the sausage factory of the United States Congress is not going to do any of that. The intended unintended consequences of this horrid legislation are going to be less choice and competition not more, and increased cost of insurance, as well as new taxes out the wazoo.

As to the so-called “public option,” that is just a red herring. The entire healthcare bill is a public option. Clyburn essentially admits as much when he states that it doesn’t matter what we call it. No, it doesn’t matter. You can call a dog a cat if you want but it will still be a dog. You can call a government-run healthcare system a potato or an insurance exchange but it will still be a government-run healthcare system with all the inefficiency and bureaucracy of every other government function. And there is never any private sector competition with any government-run entitlement program.

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