Push to turn Colorado into a blue state may stall in 11 days

As long as liberals’ hunger for power is stronger than conservatives’ desire to be left [alone], the Left will continue to dominate our public life.

John Hinderaker, commenting on The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care). That book was published in 2010 and written by Rob Witwer, a Denver lawyer, former legal counsel to the Colorado Republican party, and former member of the Colorado House of Representative, and Adam Schrager, a reporter for the NBC affiliate in Denver.

Democrats won Colorado because, as John Hinderaker’s quote from above says, they care a lot more about winning power than Republicans care about keeping them from winning power.  The Blueprint has this revealing quote from Rob Stein, founder of Democracy Alliance:

“The reason it is so important to control government is because government is the source of enormous power,” Stein continued. “One president in this country, when he or she takes office, appoints…5,000 people to run a bureaucracy, nonmilitary nonpostal service of 2 million people, who hire 10 million outside outsource contractors–a workforce of 12 million people–that spends $3 trillion a year. That number is larger than the gross domestic product of all but four countries on the face of the earth.”

“So the reason we’re doing what we’re doing…and the way we get progressive change, is to control government,” Stein said. “That’s what this is about.”

While 2010 was a good years for Republicans nationally, Colorado did not come through for Republicans. Obama again won Colorado in 2012. This year promises to be different, but of course that remains to be seen.

The polls presently show Cory Gardner ahead of Mark Udall in the U.S. Senate race (some are calling Udall Mark “Uterus” for basing his whole campaign on birth control and abortion.  Bob Beauprez is also slightly ahead of John Hickenlooper to be the next Governor of Colorado. So, there is reason to be hopeful that the Gang of Four’s success may be halted in 11 days. See, Kimberly Strassel on Page A11 of today’s Wall Street Journal, The Colorado Model Goes “Thud”

For more background on how it all happened, and who financed it, See Michelle Malkins’ new movie Rocky Mountain Heist. Supposedly, this movie will be shown on Television this weekend and/or in theaters, but I can’t find it anywhere. The website is supposed to give theater and showtime info, but it doesn’t.  The movie supposedly covers how the “Gang of Four” billionaires [Pat Stryker, Rutt Bridges, Tim Gill, and Jared Polis] provided the financial backing for the plan to turn Colorado into a solid blue state.

A taste of the fervor with which these Lefties operate was given by Tim Gill who explained his financial backing as, “getting rid of evil.”  He was referring to the Republicans he hoped to defeat, not the money he was giving.  It is a basic principle of American politics that cannot be credibly denied that one of the big differences between liberals and conservatives is that while conservatives believe liberals are misguided, they do not believe they are evil.  A clear majority of liberals do believe that conservatives are evil, and the most dedicated liberals do harbor a visceral hatred of conservatives.  Conservatives in general have no such animus toward liberals.

I’m the exception.  I want so much to be left alone I believe those who refuse to leave me alone are evil and should be eradicated. Politically I mean.  At the ballot box.

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