Prosecutors, Judges and Juries Defending Vicious Criminals

This is frightening:

When we think the Left has gone crazy enough, when we think they’ve gone so far there is no where else for them to go, we’re always wrong to think that way. There really is no boundary on how far nuts they will go. This time it’s prosecutors,  judges and juries that are aiding and abetting the violence of Left. If you’re a lawful gun owner with a carry permit and an angry mob attacks you, and you draw your gun to protect yourself, in some blue states you will be the one prosecuted even if you have met and followed all the law on justified self defense.
This is disgusting and demoralizing. We are living amongst  prosecutors and judges and juries that believe self defense, even against murderous thugs, is immoral and must be punished. It’s one thing for thug rioters to be deranged. It’s quite another thing for prosecutors, judges and juries to become defenders of criminals against the citizenry. That way leads to nihilist anarchy and eventually the worst sort of chaos and disorder when law-abiding citizens are treated like criminals to satisfy the insanity of those who were sworn to uphold the rule of law.
As defense lawyer Louis Nizer representing John Henry Faulk said to a jury in the McCarthy era: “This thing has got to stop,” referring to the blacklisting of anyone who fell under the vicious accusations made by Joe McCarthy. To deny a citizen of his God-given right of justifiable self defense is as bad or worse than anything Joe McCarthy ever did. McCarthy caused people to lose their employment but they were never prosecuted and imprisoned.
God help us.
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