Proof positive that Obamacare was designed to fail

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 2.28.10 PMThe only proof we need to know that Obamacare was designed from the beginning to fail and pave the way to full government controlled single payer health care is this: Obamacare relies on having lots of young people sign up to sustain the costs of insuring older people. The reason lots of insurance companies are losing money on Obamacare and leaving the Obamacare exchanges is because only older and sick people are signing up. Not enough in the 18-34 crowd are buying Obamacare policies. They’d rather pay the fine because it’s cheaper.

Is this a bug or a feature of Obamacare? Simple, it’s a feature. We know that because Obamacare also provides that those in the 18-26 age group can stay on their parents policies.  That’s not the entire 18-34 group, but it’s probably a majority of that group. There you have it. The architects of Obamacare didn’t really want young healthy people signing up. They know that without them Obamacare self destructs. That was the plan all along.

Here’s more evidence if you don’t remember it.  Obama gave a talk to the AFL/CIO before he ran for President. He’s recorded on tape as saying that the goal is government controlled single payer healthcare. He then says, “We know we won’t get there right away. It may take 15 years, but eventually we’ll get there.”

It’s beginning to look like his 15-year prediction was too pessimistic.

For some reason a lot of people don’t seem to believe Obama when he says what he wants to do. This makes no sense. They believe him when he lies, but not when he’s telling the truth.

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