Progressivism vs. Progress

Results of Progressivism, i.e., continuos liberal Democrat rule in Detroit since at least 1956:

Progress by American capitalism and freedom:

A 5 megabyte hard drive being loaded on an airplane in 1956:

A one Terabyte hard drive in 2011:

My first computer in 1988 was a Wyse machine with a 40 megabyte hard drive and it cost about $2500. By 1995 I was using a Micron with two 250 megabyte drives. I upgraded to a one gig hard drive that year at a price of $1,000. Now my MacBook Pro with a 250 gigabyte drive cost under $1500 for the whole computer. All this was accomplished solely be American ingenuity and free enterprise. Liberalism, progressivism, or whatever euphemistic name it’s called these days, had absolutely nothing to do with any of it, except perhaps to make each advance more difficult than it might have been otherwise.

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