Here is a preview of what the media has waiting for Trump if he’s the GOP nominee

The media has probably been keeping their powder dry on Donald Trump for the last few months because they are reaping rewards from him right now. They want to cover him, they have to cover him, because not to do so would be to lose valuable air time and ratings. After all, right now he’s a big story they cannot ignore or their ratings will suffer.

If he’s the nominee they will of course continue to cover him because he will still be a big story. But they’ll cover him in a much different way then than they are now. If Hillary is the Democrat nominee, and she will be unless Bernie Sanders turns into a flying pig, the media is going to be all in the tank for her. They may like Trump right now for the ratings they’re getting, but you can be sure they don’t want him to be president. Trump has been controversial all his life and there’s likely to some dirt to be mined. The media’s gophers are probalby hard at work digging it up right now.

Consider this an early salvo of what is to come after the GOP convention if Trump emerges as the nominee:

You can say they will do the same to any GOP nominee. True, but I bet there’re things in Trump’s past that will make people sick. I think the media already has it and will sit on it until the time is right. Part of the reason is they and Hillary likely prefer to run against Trump than Ted Cruz.

So Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond became, “Crazy Alex,” as Ted Cruz became “lying Ted” and Marco Rubio became “little Marco.” Typical of Trump. Let’s call him “Deceiving Donald.”

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