Presidential candidate forum with Ted Cruz

The video below is a presidential forum interview of Ted Cruz. It’s at Regent University which was founded by Pat Robertson. It’s before a religious audience at a religious university but never fear. There is no bible thumping. It’s a straight forward discussion of the main issues at play in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Perhaps the only presidential candidate since Abraham Lincoln who could stand up and deliver a coherent speech without notes or teleprompter was Ronald Reagan, and now Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz has enemies, of course. Having enemies is to be expected if you have stood up for something in your life. Ted Cruz has passionately stood for the common working man and the liberties of all Americans. That has made some people angry. Ted Cruz has taken on the Washington DC establishment for the way it has usurped the liberties of the American people. When you fight Washington, Washington is going to fight back.

The video is 48 minutes long and of course, you can watch it all or just part of it.

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