President Hillary Clinton? You’ve got to be kidding…

We’ve seen corruption in the white House in our history. The presidency of Ulyssys S. Grant is often cited as one of the most corrupt times in American history. But Grant did not have a history of corruption before becoming president, unless you count drunkeness as corruption, and he didn’t actually institgate or participate in the corruption that took place on his watch. His crime, if any, was in not being a good enough steward of the office of presidency. He failed to understand, acknowledge and prevent corruption that was all around him.

The Tea Pot Dome scandal occurred while Warren G. Harding was president. Tea Pot Dome is an outcropping of an underground formation North of Casper, Wyoming that contains, or once contained, vast oil reserves. These reserves were federally owned under the administration of the Department of the Navy because it was an oil reserve for the exclusive use of the U.S. Navy, which was busy converting from coal power to oil power.* The battleship USS Wyoming had been launched in 1900 as a coal powered vessel but was converted to oil power in 1909 and renamed the USS Cheyenne, in honor of my childhood home and the Indian tribe it was named for.

Albert Fall was Harding’s Secretary of the Interior. Fall convinced Harding to transfer the Tea Pot Dome Naval Oil Reserve to the Interior Department. Soon after, trucks bearing the logo of the Sinclair Oil Company were seen delivering drilling equipment to the site. Suspicion was arroused and soon it was discovered that Interior Secretary Albert Fall had accepted bribes for steering lucrative Federal contracts to Sinclair. Fall was tried, convicted and sent to federal prison.  He was the first cabinet-level secretary in American History to be convicted and sent to prison, and held that title until 1974 when Attorney General John Mitchell was convicted of conspiracy and perjury.

Thanks to James Comey there have been no others since.

The Grant and Harding administrations were pikers in corruption compared to the four decades of lying and lawbreaking that Madam Hillary has already packed into her resume. Consider her record, a short verson of which was recently set forth by radio host Mark Belling as fill-in host  of the Rush Limbaugh show last week:

When married to a young attorney general, she made a series of commodities futures trades with a powerful Arkansas employer with every trade assigned to her account a winner. She partnered in a sleazy Arkansas backwater land deal. She helped do the legal work on the same deal. She defied a federal government subpoena for her billing records for that work for four years before they showed up on a table in the White House.

She got to Washington and set out to ruin the lives of career civil servants in the White House travel office so she could give the jobs to her Arkansas cronies and then she lied about it. She set out to rewrite American health care policy with a government task force whose work she kept secret.

She stood by and defended and enabled her predator husband as women accused him of rape, unwanted advances and groping. She called the women liars and the Americans who sought the truth a “right-wing conspiracy.” She set up a supposedly nonprofit foundation and raked in millions off of it, taking money from every global scoundrel from the world’s worst corners. She then made public policy as secretary of state that directly affected those “donors.”

She sat by as Americans were killed in Benghazi and focused not on saving lives but on coming up with a lie-filled cover story that the terror assault was actually a protest over a video. She then lied to the face of a mother of one of the victims about what happened.

Mark Belling ended his dissertation of crimes of the Clintons with this:

And that’s the short version. It’s the Hillary Clinton Corruption Cliff’s Notes. I am an American citizen who cares about his country. President Hillary Clinton is a perversion of everything we have ever stood for. The only way to prevent this is to elect Donald Trump.

Please note that Mark Belling has not been a fan of Donald Trump and Trump probably would not be his first choice as president. But like Belling, I see that Trump is all we’ve got now and he is a much better choice than crooked Hillary Clinton.

There’s a lot more to story of the Clinton “Crime” Family Foundation which is described in detail in Peter Schweizer’s book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Perhaps the worst of the Clinton saga is how they used the Clinton Foundation to get rich off of poor Haitians. That’s why I often insert the words “Crime Family” is its name.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President she will be the most corrupt person in American History to ever hold the office, and her administration will bring even more and new levels of corruption to American politics.  We may think Mexico is corrupt, but elect Hillary and you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. It will be Banana Republic gangster government all the way down.

*Oil power offered many advantages over coal power. Oil powered vessels can be refueled while at sea, coal powered ones cannot.

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